SOGNAP Launches a Soap That Contains Ice Cream Tulip Extract, Found in a Rare Dutch Plant

- It is significant because Ice Cream Soap, which contains ice cream tulip extract, an extract from one of the rare types of tulips that symbolize the Netherlands, has never been used for cosmetics before.

In fact, since the first batch of 2,000 pieces was sold out right after its release to the market, the soap has created a buzz on social media not only because of its ingredients but also because of its shape that captures female hearts.

The rare ingredient, Ice Cream Tulip 

Included in all the SOGNAP lines is the ice cream tulip extract, whose main ingredients are salicylic acid, which provides relief for acne-prone skin and carries antibacterial action, and arginine, which retains nutrition and boosts vitality with its excellent anti-oxidant action delivers extraordinary effects.

The soap is especially soothing because it contains peony root extract, which cools the skin and delivers freshness on a hot summer day.

A Great Gift

Added into the bargain, SOGNAP's Ice Cream Soap sets itself apart from existing products as a two-step item that includes a body soap and white-balm bath preparation.

The soap for daily use is not weak, but solid and provides moisturizing and acne care. With bath preparation included, there is no other product, which can make a more romantic gift for a wedding or couples who want to celebrate their anniversary in a very special way.



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