Vanke China will launch an urban mountain villa in Liangzhu town, Hangzhou city

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In Liangzhu, Vanke Hangzhou has been pursuing the improvement and innovation for local architecture. The architecture of the urban mountain villa, is made by 5ren Landscape Design, GAD and More Design Office.

When the GAD designer Zhang Kaijian described this architecture, he used the three words "immersing, leisure and human interaction". He thought this design was a positive, sensible way to echo the surrounding buildings and environment and generate interaction, which has fully respected the land and history of the Liangzhu civilization.

More Design Office designer Justin Bridgland thought the building is between quiet and restlessness, needing to consider the rhythm and balance. Each person in this mountain villa will be relaxed, and will be able to feel the state of harmonious coexistence with nature.

Architecture is one method to record the journey and development of human civilizations. The buildings of different ages retain the special atmosphere of that era and become the coordinates of the development of human habitation civilization. Junxi Yuntai contains a slow growing state; half city and the other half nature, which is a fitting architectural representation and the interpretation of an era, with the body in city but the heart in mountain. The mountain is expected to be completed in 2019 and now is officially open to the public.


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