THE HUS.institute: Borders Disappear in the Digital Modern Era

- THE HUS.institute think tank hosted a hackathon on the topic of "Digital Citizenship" on 23 and 24 November at its headquarters in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In cooperation with the FinTech company, Lykke, the Blockchain Buero Liechtenstein, and the distributive computing organisation, Holochain, the think tank explored the future of nations as political concepts in the light of the technological environment of the Digital Modern era. Twenty international participants followed the call and came to Vaduz.  

"Blockchain today, in 2017, is often misunderstood as a mere financial technology, while we regard it as a game-changing theory in how we run information systems. This means that societal structures like nations will be transformed by blockchain ideas as well. And that's what we want to explore with this hackathon", explains Co-Founder of THE HUS.institute Christopher Peterka. The nations on this planet also face a digital transformation, just like the economy, that will once again define them in a new way. Peterka comments: "This time our nations will extend themselves into online communities. As a prime example we can look at Estonia: You can apply for digital citizenship to the small EU country online, that authorises you to establish your private limited company there - without ever stepping foot on Estonian ground". Rudolf Hilti knows that it is important to "explore these topics and the possibilities in this time of exponentially accelerating transitions and leverage them in a responsible, meaningful, and sustainable manner". THE HUS.institute and its partners are now gathering the results generated from the hackathon to formulate them into a white paper that will eventually become an inspiration source for a new e-residency programme.

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Contact: Regina Fasel, regina@thehus.institute , +41795600883



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