From a Burden to a VAS - Secret Behind Free Commercial Wi-Fi in Italy Top Retailer UniEuro

- With the development of mobile Internet and smartphones, Internet access at anytime, anywhere has become an expectation. According to Mobidia, Wi-Fi networks carry about 70% of the world's data traffic on smartphones. The proportion reaches 80% or even higher in indoor scenarios. Free Wi-Fi service is indispensable almost everywhere. Therefore, more shopping malls and supermarkets hope to attract customers and improve service satisfaction by providing free Wi-Fi service. However, free Wi-Fi service in shopping malls and supermarkets face the following problems:

As one of the Top 3 shopping malls and supermarkets in Italy, UniEuro is committed to providing customers with stable, high-quality free Wi-Fi service. Therefore, UniEuro requires a Wi-Fi solution that can achieve 100% coverage, eliminating signal interference between APs on the same floor and neighboring floors. Customers can easily access the Wi-Fi network to enjoy high-speed Internet service even in densely populated scenarios. Additionally, UniEuro needs to leverage the Wi-Fi network to serve the enterprise itself. Accurate STA locations, device model, and other information gathered from the Wi-Fi network are integrated with a professional third-party retail analysis platform for customer archiving and analysis. Based on the analysis result, UniEuro can trace the efficiency of marketing strategies and advertisements. The Wi-Fi network becomes an online-offline integrated marketing tool as well as an open platform, which can be integrated with professional third-party retail analysis platforms.

Huawei's commercial Wi-Fi solution for shopping malls and supermarkets has been selected as the Wi-Fi network provider for UniEuro after profound research. Huawei won UniEuro's trust for its high-performance APs, professional automated network planning tool, eSight location engine, and open architecture.

Huawei's commercial Wi-Fi solution for shopping malls and supermarkets improves advertisement delivery efficiency and marketing quality. Free Wi-Fi service becomes a marketing tool with a high ROI, evolving from a burden to a value-added service (VAS) for UniEuro.



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