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The Global Energy Association: Ten key ideas in energy


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MOSCOW, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Energy Association presented its first annual report entitled "Ten breakthrough ideas in energy for the next 10 years."

The pace of global climate change poses a threat by virtue of irreversible consequences for ecosystems. Environmentalists predict that in 50 years, the area of planet Earth on which the average annual temperature will exceed 29 degrees Celsius could increase from 0.8 % to 19 % of the entire land area.

"From the standpoint of economic efficiency, the ideas presented in the report are not a wide departure from traditional energy. The need for hydrocarbons, for oil, for the gas chemistry industry will not disappear," said the President of the Global Energy Association, Sergey Brilev.

"But these are ideas for the future to reduce CO2 emissions and to create an alignment of balanced energy systems and integrated energy companies."

Technology based on these ideas calls for a growth in energy efficiency and energy conservation and for the development of renewable energy.

A complete version of this release can be found on the https://globalenergyprize.org/en/

About the association

The Association for the Development of International Research and Projects in the Energy Sector – "Global Energy" – is a non-governmental organisation, created in 2002 for the advancement and support of innovation within the realm of energy. And for the development of cooperation in energy.

Major Russia companies are among the association's members: Gazprom, Rosseti FGC UES, Surgutneftegas.


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